A spa restaurant in a class of its own: as an Ascara member, two very special restaurants and sun terraces are available to you during the summer months. Embark on one culinary tour that is guaranteed to pamper your palate. “Healthy eating”, in line with our Ascara concept, is naturally the focus of our spa restaurant. To find out exactly how tasty this can be is, however, something you will have to discover for yourself. We look forward to your visit.

Landgut Falkenstein restaurant in the Falkenstein Grand

The spa restaurant with a regional theme: a natural feel to the Landgut Falkenstein Restaurant is not only reflected in the menu but also in its interior. Here, feeling comfortable and at ease comes first. Instead of a lengthy menu, head chef Oliver Heberlein prefers to cook according to the wishes of his dining guests and, thanks to his many years of working together with the Ascara, conjures up tasty, healthy highlights time and time again. All produce and ingredients come from the local region. If you are interested in the Landgut’s monthly food events, more information can be found here: 

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Raffael's Bistro-Bar-Lounge in the Falkenstein Grand

Spa restaurant, bistro, bar and lounge all in one: welcome to Raffael’s. Here you will find all you need to enjoy a quick break – whether it’s a cup of tea or coffee, or something from our selection of international classics. Responsible for the cuisine in Raffael’s is Kempinski head chef Oliver Heberlein, while bar chef Marco di Pianduni will ensure you have the right drink in front of you. Raffael’s is the ideal place for treating yourself to a snack after a strenuous workout. More information is available in the Ascara or at

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Tizian's in the Villa Rothschild

Something special in everyday life: Tizian’s in the Villa Rothschild offers the perfect option for every occasion. Whether as a brasserie for enjoying freshly prepared dishes with a French, countryside focus or for enjoying a drink at the stylish bar, here the ambience is ideal for all with seating arrangements overlooking the hotel’s park. Im Tizian’s, the Rothschild chefs allow themselves the freedom of adding a dash of pizzazz to well-known, classic dishes. And even though Michelin-starred chef Christoph Rainer and his team inject the same amount of passion into their work for Tizian’s as they do for the gourmet restaurant, please note that it is seasonal and practical thoughts that reign here not star-focused ones. A more in-depth view of our menu is available here: 

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