Healthy climate park

Well-being and a healthy climate: our Ascara Fitness Center, located in the idyllic town of Königstein-Falkenstein, is only twenty minutes from the impressive financial hub of Frankfurt am Main and is recognized as a health resort with an exceptional climate. A healthy climate constitutes one that has a stimulating effect on the human body and can be used therapeutically. Limited thermal pollution, pure air, an above average number of cold stimuli and higher UV radiation characterize a healthy climate. In a healthy climate there are virtually no factors that burden the body. It is therefore not only your immune system that profits from such a climate but also your training workload.


The Ascara profits not only from the healthy climate because it provides the best air for our customers, but also because the entire Hochtaunus Healthy Climate Park offers a wide range of routes for training.

The park comprises a woodland area with more than 180 km of trails that are divided into 34 different routes.

Training under open skies will inspire you and do you good. We look forward to welcoming you to our Hochtaunus Healthy Climate Park.