In addition to the two spacious relaxation areas, sauna enthusiasts can look forward to an organic sauna and a Finnish sauna in the Ascara.

The organic sauna follows a gentle sauna concept, ...

... the temperatures are set to around 55°C making it particularly pleasant for the cardiovascular system. The humidly in the organic sauna is between 40 and 50 percent and is, as a result, higher than usual. Besides this, the “gentle” sauna is particularly soothing to the skin because the skin transpires more due to the higher humidity. Also important to know is that in the Ascara organic sauna there is no dousing of the sauna stones. Instead, essential oils are used that provide a pleasant aroma and stimulate relaxation.

The Finnish sauna provides a traditional sauna experience.

Here temperatures are between 80°C and 90°C, and the humidly somewhat less. Dousing of the stones takes place using essential oils and cooling off after each sauna session is carried out in the fresh, therapeutic air as well as under a cold shower. This procedure can be repeated several times.


Important for all sauna users: you determine your own personal limits to ensure that you do not endanger your health. When visiting the sauna your body will be exposed to unusual temperatures. Even in normal cases when no problems would normally arise, we kindly ask you to discuss your intentions with us before visiting the sauna.

Outdoor pool

Fresh, therapeutic air and bathing pleasure at its best is what awaits you in our 8 by 15-metre outdoor pool with a depth of 1.35 metres. Separate changing rooms with lockers are naturally also available here for your use. So too are bathrobes and a towel service. Entry to the outdoor pool is from inside although you will have the pleasure of bathing under open skies in our whole year heated outdoor pool on Frankfurt’s doorstep. During the warmer months of the year you are also most welcome to make use of the sunbathing lawn next to the pool.


Here you are able to relax in style and have the advantage of being able to make use of the attentive poolside service.


We shall be happy to serve you with a drink or a small snack. The outdoor pool provides you with an unforgettable view of the Frankfurt skyline. The water in the outdoor pool comes from our very own spring on the slopes of the Döngesberg and is regularly checked by the Fresenius Institute.