Thalgo Anti-Aging Module 1 - Smoothing

Marine collagen is your first step into anti-aging skincare. The first wrinkles will be smoothed and the skin will receive an intensive dose of moisture. The result is a rosy, youthful complexion that is brighter and more Radiant.

75 minutes | 125,- Euro

Thalgo Anti-Aging Module 2 - Smoothing - Plumping

An active complex made up of marine hyaluronic acids plumps, smoothes and reduces the appearance of prominent wrinkles. The skin appears more compact, taught and well-proportioned.

75 minutes | 130,- Euro

Thalgo Anti-Aging - Smoothing - plumping – lifting effect

A combination of marine silicium, collagen and hyaluronic acid effectively combats slack skin and gives your skin a ‘lifted’ appearance. Your secret against the signs of the times! We recommend an intensive course of two to six appointments for our anti-aging treatments.

90 minutes | 135,- Euro

Skin Coaching

- the personal training for your skin! Nothing is more individual than your skin! We will determine the best treatment for you according to your skin’s condition and your personal feelings. We will also offer professional advice on the best way to care for your skin. Detailed skin analysis, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, special mask according to your skin type, relaxing face and neck massage, daytime skincare, light daytime make-up and advice on continuing your skincare at home. Including pampering programme for the hands: hand mask and massage

80 minutes | 115,- Euro

Men Express

Is your skin in need of the perfect freshness kick? Or would you like to relax for a short while and enjoy a face and neck massage? Simply choose what you want and we’ll put together an individualised short programme just for you.
Short skin check, cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing, a face and neck massage or a relaxing mask, and daytime skincare.

45 minutes | 60,- Euro