Manicure and Pedicure

Spa Manicure

includes a peel, mask and massage

45 minutes | 45,- Euro 


Spa Pedicure

includes a peel, soothing mask and massage

60 minutes | 60,- Euro  


Nail polish 8,- Euro


This Polynesian journey will let your body shine. Irregularities disappear and your skin is going to be soft, clear and smooth after a "Polynesia" peeling consisting of coconut shell, Bora Bora´s white sand and grooming oils, a relaxation bath with pebbles from the Manihi lagoons afterwards, followed by an easing massage with Mahana oil and warm sand stamps, for a wonderful weightless feeling. Finally, your journey ends on the holy isle of Raiatea, where your whole body will be covered in golden gleam.

130 Minuten | 165,- Euro

THALGO Indocéane - Body Treatment

A journey through four countries: enjoy a journey of discovery through aromas and rituals of four different countries and cultures.

Awaiting is the Mediterranean with a cleansing sugar & salt body peeling, Egypt with a creamy, sumptuous milk bath with lotus extracts, India with a vitalizing relaxation massage with warm aroma oils and China with a regenerative and replenishing body pack.

130 minutes | 165-, Euro