Thalgo Spa Gym

Work hard and play hard is what business people say. Exertion and relaxation is what we say! If feeling continuously fit and healthy is important to you then the Thalgo Spa Gym Programme is a fast and effective option worth taking a closer look at. 

It’s perfect for those whose goals for body and inner well-being focus on: fat removal, anti-cellulite, skin tightening, deacidification

That’s because the professional Thalgo Spa Gym Programme was developed with exactly these things... mind. It puts you through your paces on the Power Plate vibration machine in a variety of ways and promotes your own goals with beneficial applications from the Thalgo Laboratories that are skilfully carried out in the ASCARA by our spa experts.

The Ascara Thalgo Gym Package at a glance...

- three 30-minute treatments from the Thalgo Spa Gym Programme. Your choice includes: fat removal, anti-cellulite, skin tightening and deacidification

- before each treatment a 30-minute Power Plate training session with a personal trainer

EUR 295 per person

You’re not one hundred percent sure? That’s perfectly understandable. The good thing is, in the ASCARA Fitness & Spa Club you will receive all the professional advice you need. Based on your expectations and the personal conversation we will have with you, we will find a mix of exercises and treatments perfectly suited to you. Success will not be long in coming. Just wait and see!

Beforehand, we would like to inform you of what lies behind the various Thalgo Spa Gym treatments...

Fat removal

Cool compresses soaked with an alga, camphor and methanol solution support the burning of fat. At the same time they soothe spider veins, varicose veins and tired, swollen legs. Specific exercises on the vibration plate provide a feeling of weightlessness.


Working out on the vibration plate improves the skin’s appearance and can minimise cellulite. When combined with the Spa Gym anti-cellulite treatment this effect is maximised. Once the special concentrate and the active oxygen body wrap – both matched to your specific needs – have been applied, the active ingredients are channelled deep into the skin and stimulate fat metabolism. This assists the breakdown of fat and suspends fat storage. The result is a firmer, stronger skin without dimples.

Skin tightening

A body wrap with micro-pulverised algae regenerates the entire body and increases well-being. In combination with exercises on the vibration plate, general fitness is improved and the body is cleansed, tightened and regenerated. You will once again feel fit, healthy and beautiful.


A body wrap with pure marine mud relaxes the muscles and provides the skin with important minerals. The skin is remineralised and tightened, and blood circulation improved. Stretch & relax exercises on the vibration plate loosen and relax the muscles. You will feel refreshed like never before.

Our team look forward to receiving your booking or any questions you may have on the ASCARA Thalgo Gym Programme by email: If you would prefer to call, however, please do so by dialling +49 (0) 6174 909100. We look forward to hearing from you and offering you professional assistance regarding you ambitious goals for a healthier feeling