Dr. Wolff backtraining

The Dr. Wolff Back Training Center is a separate exercising area in the Ascara with the aim of providing lasting relief for your back through healthy means. The reasons for its creation are as follows.

Without doubt, the back and its associated problems have become the number one topic of complaint in our society. Many factors are responsible for the permanently increasing number of back sufferers: lack of exercise due to long working days in front of the computer, the build-up of stress in the form of ever increasing tension or often as chronic headaches, or from excessive strain that can arise from using the incorrect technique to lift heavy objects.

All the more reason, therefore, for the Ascara to offer you a skilled partner with the Dr. Wolff Back Center, ... 

... a company that has been dealing with the topic for over 20 years and has developed special pieces of apparatus for exercising the back, ...

... along with tried and tested programmes that promote a healthy back.

The Dr. Wolff Back Center located inside the Ascara Fitness Club comprises four machines from the Back Solution® series together with the apparatus in the Get Flexible circular station.

Aimed at the preventative strengthening of the posture-stabilizing muscles you will, in particular, be training the torso muscles with these different machines. In this way, you will be laying the foundation for stronger, healthier back muscles. The "Get Flexible" set up, also designed by Dr. Wolff, concentrates on the second most important aspect regarding your back: training agility and a good, upright posture.

Both approaches from the Dr. Wolff back programme at the Ascara Fitness Club minimize the negative effects of a daily routine that is somewhat lacking in movement, which, today, is characterized by the slightly forward-slanting upper body posture arising from working at a desk. In many cases, this results in breast, stomach, groin and leg muscles being shortened. Complaints are therefore inevitable. A reduction of strength in the muscles controlling posture adds to this effect and, in turn, the complaints.

With the Dr. Wolff Back Center we will show you a lasting and healthy way of preventing and effectively treating these complaints. Following a briefing by our coaching team you can train in our Back Training Center in small groups, with your personal trainer or, of course, on your own.