Indoor Cycling

Those who do not have the time to go cycling regularly will certainly get their money’s worth at the Indoor Cycling Center in the Ascara. The multi-award-winning indoor cycling bikes made by Tomahawk feature a geometrically optimized, torsion resistant frame that guarantees healthy results and maximum enjoyment in the saddle. All Tomahawk bikes in the Ascara Indoor Cycling Center are equipped with a bike computer that measures heart and pedal frequency meaning that you and your trainer always have an eye on your physical condition. Our Indoor Cycling courses offer you additional training programmes such as Classic, MyRide and MySportif. 

In the Classic version

of the course, you will be accompanied by a trainer from the Ascara team (live coaching). The combination of endurance training, skilful coaching and rousing music turn this course into a unique experience. The course duration is 45 minutes and can be booked by Ascara members only.

In the coming months we offer as well again:

In the MyRIDE version

of the indoor cycling course, you will be guided by a virtual trainer combined with an acoustic training control during the 20, 40 or 60-minute training session. The MYRIDE variation of the indoor cycling course is suited particularly to sports enthusiasts who want to achieve their set targets individually and on their own. This cycling version is also idea as a warm-up programme before the main workout. The MYRIDE indoor cycling course is exclusive to Ascara members.

With the MySPORTIF offer

and after a short introductory video (tutorial) either in a group or alone, you will experience a virtual indoor cycling programme taking you through unique landscapes of the world. Due to high-quality video technology and the combination of music and impressive imagery, your training session will be turned into a unique, emotional experience. The length of each course is 20, 40 or 60 minutes. Our MYSPORTIF offer is particularly suited to people who would like to enjoy an outdoor experience indoors. The course is exclusive to Ascara club members.

The indoor cycling courses take place several times during the week – mornings, afternoons and evenings.

We look forward to your participation!