Having an outdoor pool that is heated all year long is fun. Using it as a tool to train your fitness is a whole and surrounding philosophy that seeks for continuous improvement for body and mind. With our AquaFit classes at the Ascara Fitness club incorporated in the 5 star superior hotel Falkenstein Grand in Königstein in the Taunus, you are doing simply the right thing.

Certainly, training your mental and physical strength right in the water is the easiest way to focus on a joint-friendly activity that gives you the chance to train for your goals without getting nervous about the status of recovery after an injury you might have had e.g... Beside of that our AquaFit classes at the Ascara Fitness club provide you with professional instructors that care about your constitution and know how to deal with it the perfect way. However, using AquaFit as a part of your training or

...even to have fun in an community with the same goals

is a proper way to bring useful diversification in your fitness training and enjoy it to the full. The 45-minute Pilates courses take place several times a week and can be booked by phone or via email to the ascara. Class times you will find in our fitness class schedule. And if you have any further questions about our AquaFit classes, do not hesitate to contact us. That's the easiest way to find out if AquaFit is what you are looking for!